Optimize an Athlete’s Performance Any Time, Anywhere

In the ever-evolving world of sports, the ability to monitor, train, and optimize an athlete’s performance anywhere, at any time, is truly a game changer.

Optimize an Athlete’s Performance Any Time, Anywhere

In the ever-evolving world of sports, the ability to monitor, train, and optimize an athlete’s performance anywhere, at any time, is truly a game changer. Gone are the days when physical presence was essential for effective coaching. Today, thanks to advanced technology, coaches, clubs, and teams can stay connected to their athletes 24/7 with Soma, breaking down barriers and significantly enhancing results. Soma stands out as the only mobile system backed by peer-reviewed research and clinical trials, used by over 20 universities globally.

Soma Analytics gives you the power to log into your laptop or desktop from the comfort of your office, home, or even on the go, and create highly specialized cognitive training plans that can be sent directly to any athlete’s device. Not only can you design these plans with precision, but you can also monitor your athletes’ progress in real-time, regardless of where they are in the world. This kind of accessibility and flexibility ensures that, no matter the circumstances, athletes receive the guidance and support they need to excel.

Athletes, on their part, benefit immensely from this setup. They can easily log into their iPhone or iPad, access their personalized cognitive training plans, and perform their tasks with the same level of intensity and focus as they would under direct supervision. This seamless integration into their training regimen means they can engage in cognitive exercises before a physical session to pre-fatigue their brain, intersperse cognitive tasks with physical training for a more comprehensive approach, or even conduct cognitive drills post-physical workouts to maximize their overall training effect. For those looking to add a dynamic edge to cardiovascular sessions, performing cognitive tasks at a fixed heart rate with Soma is an excellent option. The possibilities are endless and tailored to fit the unique needs of each athlete.

Mobile is the Future

In today’s digital age, mobile technology is ubiquitous. Every athlete has a smartphone, and leveraging this technology for cognitive training is not just convenient but also incredibly effective. In professional sports, every second counts, and waiting for equipment or availability can be a significant drain on valuable training time. By using a mobile solution, athletes can perform their cognitive training on their devices whenever and wherever it suits them.

Consider a scenario where a training facility is equipped with several iPads. Athletes can simply log in with their Soma ID, complete their cognitive training session, and log out, allowing the next athlete to step in. This method is efficient and ensures that training sessions are maximized. For instance, with five iPads, 15 athletes can complete 20-minute sessions within an hour, making the best use of the available time and resources.

Soma offers unmatched flexibility. You can create comprehensive team plans, add all athletes to the same plan, and rotate it monthly or quarterly. Alternatively, you can design specialized training plans tailored to each athlete’s needs. This ability to customize training plans ensures that each athlete receives the attention and focus necessary to improve their performance. Furthermore, you can create base template plans for all your athletes and then make small adjustments for individual users, meeting specific requirements seamlessly and efficiently.

Getting Started with Soma

Starting with Soma is straightforward and designed to integrate smoothly into your existing training framework. Once you purchase access to Soma Analytics, you have two primary options for utilizing Soma NPT:

Option 1: Pay for Athlete Access via Soma Analytics

Cost: 49 Swiss Francs per user per month.

Scenario: If you manage a team of 10 athletes, you would pay 499 Swiss Francs per month for Soma Analytics to monitor all athletes, plus an additional 490 Swiss Francs per month (49 Swiss Francs x 10 users) for their access to Soma NPT. This totals 989 Swiss Francs per month to fully integrate and manage your team.

Option 2: Athletes Download and Pay via iTunes

Scenario: If you prefer your athletes to manage their own subscription, each athlete can download Soma NPT from iTunes and pay 49 Swiss Francs per month individually. They will then provide you with their Soma ID. You would still pay 499 Swiss Francs per month for Soma Analytics to monitor an unlimited number of users, but the cost of Soma NPT will be covered by the athletes themselves.

Soma Analytics Pricing

Soma Analytics: 499 Swiss Francs/month to monitor an unlimited number of users.

Important Considerations

If your athletes have obtained Soma NPT through iTunes, they must log in using the device with which they initially registered, as the subscription is tied to their iTunes account.

For the flexibility of logging in from any iOS device, consider purchasing Soma IDs through Soma Analytics.

Soma’s “Done For You” Service

Understanding that time is a precious commodity, Soma offers a “Done For You” service designed to get you up and running quickly. This service is perfect for coaches, clubs, teams, and military personnel who already have a Soma Analytics account.

Simply visit our website and drop us a message via our chatbot. We will reach out to you to understand your specific needs and begin creating master templates tailored to your athletes. These templates are then added to your Soma Analytics account. You can modify these baseline templates to suit individual athlete needs or use them as they are. This flexibility allows you to start with Off Season, Pre Season, and In Season templates and adjust them as required.

Our “Done For You” service speeds up the learning curve, allowing you to focus on coaching and developing your athletes without the initial hassle of setting up training programs. Most clubs, teams, and brands prefer starting with these foundational templates and then fine-tuning them to meet their specific demands.

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